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megan kathleen hilty. seattle native, part time new yorker and los actress, singer, mover but not a shaker. most likely to throw props into the audience and entertain you with a stream of tipsy tweets.
welcome to an entire blog dedicated to this lovely lady!

I had told my mother I would never get married and never have kids but then you meet the right guy and it all changes. He’s been so wonderful to me. I didn’t want to have kids. I want to have his kids. I am most excited about him being a dad and to get to do this with the best partner in the whole world”

Megan and Brian welcomed baby daughter Viola Philomena Thursday, September 18th in New York City! Congrats Megan and Brian and welcome to the world, Viola!

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Megan Hilty attends the Wendy Bellissimo For Destination Maternity Launch at Destination Maternity on August 26, 2014

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Megan Hilty looked radiant as she celebrated her pregnancy joy at her baby shower in New York City.The 33-year-old performer and husband Brian Gallagher enjoyed the shower festivities together after announcing their pregnancy news in the spring

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Name That Baby Product with Megan Hilty

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i just wanted to stop by and apologize for the lack of posts on this blog! unfortunately this tumblr is only run by one person now, and that one person has gotten pretty busy outside of tumblr and doesn’t have much time to devote to this blog

that said, i am looking for help! there will be a post later with more details but anyone is welcome to leave a message in the inbox in the meantime if you’re at all interested. thanks so much for your patience, and i hope to be back to posting more regularly

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shobean Look who came to visit me on my lunch break! Getting ready for Sunday’s show…Cutting Room 7:30p!

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